Co-Tutoring Space

Co-Tutoring Space

Build For Tutors, By Tutors


The Origin Story

When I started my tuition business in 2012, my initial plan was to lease a center and build my student base there, before hiring more tutors.

However, getting the right classroom was much harder than I imagined. The classrooms I saw were either too big, too small, or were at poor locations.

I ended up wasting almost my entire savings to pay for renovation and rental on a space that is not suitable for my use.

As I have gone through the pain, I hope for a better solution for tutors. In March 2023, a few friends of mine came together to start Tutor Storey, to help others going through the same journey as I did.


Empty Classroom

Designed For Educators

Located in the heart of Kovan, Tutor Storey is a five-minute walk from Kovan MRT station, sheltered from the elements.

Choose from our array of classrooms and co-working spaces, teeming with conducive furnishings, contemporary audio-visual equipment, high-speed Wi-Fi and well-stocked pantry.


Thoughtful & Functional For Different Needs

For 6 Pax

Interactive island setup

For 8 Pax

Classic classroom setup

For 10 Pax

Spacious workshop setup


More Than Just Classrooms... An Incubator

Work Alone Or With Friends

Brainstorm and Synergize

Attend Complementary Workshops


Why Tutors Choose Us?

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5-minute walk from Heartland Mall and Kovan MRT, along sheltered walkway

Child Safe Zone


We only cater to educators and students. All corners are monitored by CCTV 24/7.

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Long-term booking is available to secure your class venue to minimize disruption

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Start with as small as a 2-hour slot, and book more as your classes grow. 9am-9pm daily.

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Only pay for what you need, for your lesson time, nothing more. All at a competitive rate

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Warm and Friendly

Our mission is to support you in your tutoring journey. Our team is always ready to help our tutors and their students.

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More locations around the island coming up, to help you extend your reach to different markets.

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Fully equipped, comfortable, hygienic classrooms and work desks to give you a stimulating learning and working space.

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Build your awesome class... Start by having a chat with us


203 Hougang Street 21 #02-87 Singapore 530203

(5 mins walk from Heartland Mall along the shops.

Right above Q&M dental clinic)

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